Ethicon Surgical Stapler

|Ethicon surgical stapler

Some reports indicate that the Ethicon Surgical Stapler has caused complications. Ethicon has recalled several types of surgical staplers, including the linear and circular ones. The devices have a tendency to produce misformed staples, which can cause serious injuries or even death. Fortunately, these incidents are relatively rare. But you still may want to check your Ethicon surgical stapler’s safety features to avoid getting injured or even worse, killed.

In one case, the stapler misfired, resulting in weak closure. This could lead to additional surgery, bleeding, or sepsis. In the other, the stapler would fail to close the wound entirely, resulting in a colostomy bag and a permanent colostomy. Two patients experienced severe injuries when the stapler failed to close properly and spilled the contents of their stomachs into their intestines. One person even died. The FDA has issued a recall notice on the Ethicon surgical stapler.

The company, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, has recalled Ethicon staplers. If you are a victim of a defective product, you may be eligible to seek monetary compensation from the manufacturer. While many patients do not seek compensation, others have taken legal action against the company. In a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania in 2007, a jury found that a woman’s gastric bypass surgery was untimely and dangerous. The woman died as a result.

As a result of the widespread damage done by the Ethicon surgical stapler, more Americans are filing product liability lawsuits against the company. An attorney with experience in product liability litigation will review your case to ensure that the company takes proper action to remedy any issues. Often, an attorney will be able to help patients obtain compensation for medical expenses and other damages. Surgical stapler lawsuits are complex and complicated, so contacting a lawyer is crucial for your financial recovery.



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