Breathwork Facilitator Training Online

The Aligned Breathwork program was created for breathwork facilitator training online aspiring breathwork practitioners, wellness practitioners, and people looking to become certified to facilitate breathwork sessions. The program combines live zoom gathering sessions, exclusive high-quality video content, and the convenience of online study. Students can study at their own pace, receive ongoing support from facilitators, and work on their personal development. To help you through the program, you’ll also have the option to join a cohort of peers.

While attending breathwork facilitator training, you’ll learn a variety of facilitating techniques. You’ll practice using touch-based support and verbal cues, as well as learn how to safely enter a breather’s energy field. You’ll also learn how to address common breathing patterns, trauma release protocols, and the process of creating a safe, healing space. A breathwork facilitator is a professional who must understand all the elements of the work before facilitating others.

A breathwork facilitator can use the techniques of breathing to create connection, reduce negative thoughts, and increase positive feelings. Breathwork training helps clients reconnect with their inner world and reprogramme their subconscious mind. The benefits of breathwork training can’t be argued with. Its therapeutic benefits have been proven to be more powerful than goal-setting or accountability, and it has been endorsed by many well-known health professionals.

A breathwork facilitator can enroll in a breathwork trainer program to learn more about the science behind the practice. These courses include training in the foundation of breathwork, the seven steps of transformation, the facilitators’ skills, and the softening of body armor. They can also attend a breathwork retreat. The training programs are available online, so you can choose an online training program that’s right for you. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of breathwork, enroll in a training course at the Transcend Academy.