animation company Singapore

Animation company in Singapore | Since the country of Singapore was first discovered by Europeans in the 1820s, many animation companies have operated here making their products and/or services available to consumers all over the world. Because of its proximity to the shipping lanes, Singapore became the most favored port of choice for European companies that wanted to transit through Asia to their desired destinations. From here, they could make their products available on the local market and/or export them internationally. In modern times, Singapore has emerged as one of the most popular international destinations for animation production companies. The following paragraphs will highlight some of the reasons why Singapore is a good place to work for an animation company:

Work at an Animation Company in Singapore – Benefits and Advantages

– The cost of living is relatively lower than in most developed countries. For instance, a graphic designer in New York City will earn twice as much as a designer in Singapore, even with the same number of working hours per week. This cost advantage is especially helpful when hiring an animation company in Singapore.

– There are no strict age requirements to join the workforce of an animation company in Singapore. Although most jobs are usually performed by people over the age of 18, there are a few animation production studios that hire both younger and older people to work on projects. In fact, many animation production teams consist of a number of people who are half your age. It is therefore best to apply to an animation company in Singapore even if you are just in your teens or twenties.